Anti-reverse fly reels.

Anti-reverse fly reels for salmon and large pike.

These anti-reverse fly reels are loosely based on the classic late 19th and early 20th century salmon fly reels of Edward vom Hofe. Some of the modern innovations are the use of Delrin instead of hard rubber for the side plates and the use of high strength aluminum alloys (7075 and 7068) and stainless steel (304 and 17-4 PH). In addition, these reels are anti-reverse, a feature not incorporated into the original vom Hofe reels.They have moderate line capacity ( 9 wt. floating or sinking shooting head ahead of 150 feet of Varivas shooting line or 100' airflo ridge running line which is attached to 170 to 200 yards of 30# test Micron backing ).  The large reel with the 1-1/2" pillars is a perfect match for my 9 wt. three piece 8-1/2 foot bamboo rod. The smaller reel differs from the large reel only in being qne fourth inch narrower and two ounces lighter. These reels are meant for fresh water fishing only as they are not anodized.



3.5" x 1.5" anti-reverse salmon reel


Diameter = 3,5"

Width = 2.2"

Weight = 12 oz.




 3.5" x 1.25" anti-reverse salmon reel


Diameter = 3.5"

Width = 2"

weight = 9 oz.(delrin spool) 10 oz.(aluminum spool)