Gear Splitting

gear split2 x


This is a close-up photo of a gear that I was in the process of splitting into two equal halves. The gear is 3/4" across and about 3/16" thick. If I am careful I can get two gears, each about .065" thick, from this operation. The gear needs to be that thin to operate in a particular application. I could simply shave off the excess with my mini-lathe but by splitting the gear I get two for the price of one plus about five minutes of my time (advanced age and frugality seem to go hand in hand).
This photo was taken with my Fuji FinePix 2400 digital camera in "Macro" mode and was hand held rather than shot off my swing bar. I did have my left hand resting on the tool holder to give a measure of steadiness. The light was what was available, no flash was used.



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