Goat's beard

goats beard3a x1200


This is the seed head of the Yellow Goat's Beard (Tragopogon pratensis) which looks like a giant dandelion. The actual seed head was approximately three inches across. This stereo photo was made with my Fuji FinePix 2400 digital camera in my dining room which has south light. I used my parallelogram swing bar and set the stereo base at about ten millimeters. The distance to the subject was about two hundred millimeters. I used a piece of dark green faux velvet as a backdrop. This is a medium sized specimen, most being about two inches in diameter. The plant usually attains a height of about two to three feet, with a stem diameter at the base of about three eighths of an inch. It is an alien species and in the garden it is classified as a weed.



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